Prosperity includes lots of factors such as health, happiness, love, time, understanding, peace, joy…. and of course wealth. Financial security is important for most of us but usually we are not aware of the other important parts of prosperity.
When it comes to money, prosperity is the state of mind, not the actual amount of money that we have, as the amount of money that manifests in our lives is a reflection of our sub- conscious mind regarding the issue.
“Money is out of reach…..
I am always behind…
I cannot make enough money…
I have a fixed budget…
I cannot be debt- free….”
Are these thought patterns familiar to you? If yes, you need to work on your subconscious
mind to make essential changes.
This universe is abundant and there is no competition. We don’t need to have less money in- order to let others have more. The supply is endless and no one can block the flow of abundance to anyone else, the only thing that can block the flow,  is our beliefs. So we need to figure out all limiting thought patterns in this subject, after exploring our subconscious mind, we need to release poverty beliefs step by step and one at a time, and then replace them with prosperity affirmations. As we start training our mind, we need to be patient and remove the blocks of change, like fear and doubt.
That is the inner work for financial health, there is also an outer work to be done to develop
new money skills including: balancing accounts, eliminating debt, repairing credit reports and
creating a personal spending plan just to name a few.



“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”