“I am a divinely healthy and fit human being.

Think it!
Say it!
Believe it!”


Health Issues And Self-Care

At the quantum level, the human body is made up of energy, as we break down the body into molecules and atoms, 99.99 percent of each atom is empty space and sub-atomic particles are vibrating in that empty space.This vibration is intelligent and carries knowledge.

As mind is also made up of energy, there is no distinct  boundary between the body and the mind. Natural state for the  human body is well-being, as the body knows how to function properly. So-called  dis-eases, (both physical and mental), develop when we interfere with the natural flow of well-being by choosing to think about negative and limiting thought patterns, so we participate in creation of each dis-ease.

In order to get back on a track of well-being, we need to get the non-sense out of the way by training the mind to release all limiting beliefs including: Resentment, Guilt, Fear, Self-Hatred and Rage just to name a few.

Also Forgiveness is a very important part of our training, we cannot complete the process of healing without forgiving everyone including ourselves.


“Healing cannot be understood unless the person’s beliefs, assumptions, expectations and self-image are also understood.”
Dr. Deepak Chopra

” Each cell in my body has divine intelligence. I listen to what it tells me, and know that its advice is valid.
I am always safe and divinely protected and guided.I choose to be healthy and free.”