How does the mind work?
Mind is a powerful tool which is made up of energy. Mind is transmitting and receiving signals all the time. Every thought, positive or negative, is a vibration which is transmitted through the mind, will be accepted by the universe and will get back to you as a life experience. So every single thought counts and every single thought is creating. Thoughts are in a total connection with the body, in a way that every thought can affect all the cells in the body, and all the cells are aware of the thought that you are thinking in every giving moment. As a result, all thought patterns can influence your mental and physical health as well as the other areas of your life like relationships, creativity and work, and financial security. The state of your life is related to the thoughts you have had till now and the thoughts you are thinking now, are creating your future state of health and life.
What is the art of training the mind?
Science of mind says that there is a reason for any so-called problem you are dealing with, and that reason is related to the way your subconscious mind has been programmed somewhere around your childhood. Tree is a symbol that we use in training the mind. In this symbol leaves are the different problems in your life, branches are the emotions that you have behind each problem, trunk is life events and finally the most important part, roots, are the beliefs you are carrying in your subconscious mind.
In training the mind, instead of working on a problem level, we go beyond the surface, to the roots, as we all know that only healthy roots could grow healthy leaves. So we explore the subconscious mind in different areas,to find out all old limiting beliefs and thought patterns, then we work on releasing them and creating new nourishing patterns instead that could be supporting on a journey of healing and change.
For this purpose, we practice some simple techniques including doing affirmations, relaxation treatments and EFT tapping.
What is an affirmation?
Affirmation is any thought we think and any word we speak. Habitually and culturally most of our affirmations are negative and cannot create good experiences. We need to train our mind to think and speak about positive patterns in order to change our lives. Affirmation is the beginning point of change, it is the point  we understand that the thoughts we have are related to the events we are experiencing in our lives. Doing affirmation is consciously choosing thoughts and words instead of simply repeating the same old limiting thoughts and words over and over again, it is about taking responsibility to change the life for the better. We need to be clear  about what we want to eliminate or create in our lives before declaring any desire. When we start doing positive affirmations, it is not true at the moment, it takes time and practice to go from declaration to the final demonstration.
What is EFT Tapping and how does it work?
Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping is a healing modality, an interplay between ancient Chinese acupressure meridian points and psychology. We tap with fingertips on meridian endpoints while working on different issues like stress, anxiety, depression, weight control, physical symptoms and childhood traumas just to name a few.
Through EFT we send calming signals to the Amygdala, an almond shape set of neurons located deep in the brain’s medial temporal lobe that is part of the limbic system and has a key role in the processing of emotions. In fact we train the brain and body to choose healthy responses toward  the challenging life experiences.
Through EFT we restore body’s energy besides experiencing wonderful and quick healthy changes in both nervous and hormonal system like a rapid decrease in Cortisol level.
What is the history behind EFT Tapping?
It started in 1980 when Dr. Roger Callahan, a psychologist,  was working with his patient, Mary, who was suffering from  Hydrophobia (extreme fear towards water). Dr. Callahan had been studying traditional Chinese medicine, so to help Mary to overcome her stomach pain, which was one of Mary’s symptoms, he asked Mary to tap on the meridians on the cheekbone. The result was astonishing as both her stomach pain and her fear disappeared after they worked on the meridian endpoints.
Dr. Callahan developed this technique and named it “Thought Field Therapy”, which had complex algorithms that was different for different symptoms. In the 1990’s, Gary Craig, an engineer in California, improved the technique of Thought Field Therapy to a simple tapping sequence which could be used for any symptom and called it “Emotional Freedom Technique.”